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  • Milk

    A choice between a small carton of wholesome white or chocolate milk.

  • Water or Juice

    A variety of fruit juices or water by the bottle.

  • Soft Drinks

    A wide range of 355 ml soft drinks to choose from.

  • Spring Water

    Aquafina or Dasani.

  • Italian Sodas

    A selection of Italian Sodas: Orangina, Aranciata, or Limonata.

  • Sparkling Water

    Perrier or San Pellegrino

  • Soft Drink

    A variety of 591 ml soft drinks in a bottle.

  • Specialty Drinks

    A selection of iced tea and many other specialty drinks such as Nestea, Fruitopia and Ocean Spray.

  • Orange Juice

    Freshly squeezed Orange juice from Tropicana.

  • Tea – 5 Cups

    A selection of regular, herbal and flavoured tea.

    Please order in increments of 5 cups.