Marcello’s Market & Deli is a truly unique concept, offering busy professionals an affordable gourmet marketplace right where they work. Since 1996, we have been serving up a variety of fresh food at affordable prices from inside busy office buildings. Our stores feature fresh produce, deli items, grocery items and freshly prepared take-out food.

With 25 locations across Canada and in the U.S., Marcello’s has an appealing European atmosphere that gives both clients and franchisees the opportunity to live and work healthier. Our delicious fresh food, sophisticated operational systems, high quality standards, and fast, friendly service combine to make Marcello’s an attractive choice.


Marcello’s Market and Deli has a mission that is two-fold:

  • To provide busy professionals with a healthy and delicious alternative for food-on-the go; and,
  •  To provide our franchisees with the opportunity to develop their business ventures within an environment that promotes and rewards integrity, professionalism and personal growth.

We are always looking for, friendly, and entrepreneurial-minded franchisees to help us succeed in our mission. To be part of our vision and our success, please learn more about our franchising opportunities.